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Avett Brothers Jonesboro 2015 Recap


Avett Brothers Jonesboro 2015 Recap

Nathan Armstrong

Thursday night in a small college town; a band of brothers, literally; and songs with lyrics so potent that all the minds in attendance were only outweighed by their blood pumping counterparts, these are the makings of memorable moments. The Avett Brothers were in Jonesboro, Arkansas playing on the campus of Arkansas State University.

An unusual setting, the band took to the stage set in the college basketball arena. Conference banners decorated the walls and fans filled the arena to explore the minds of Scott and Seth Avett through the strums of guitar strings and plucks of a banjo.

Photo credit:  @MichaelWebb

Photo credit: @MichaelWebb

It’s obvious that the two brothers have not limited their impact to the musical industry as the North Carolina favorites drew a crowd that ranged from first timers (me!) to fans that have followed for years. A gentleman in front of me said this was his twelfth time seeing the group. Twelve times!! There was even a family, who carried a sign that read, “We flew 1226 miles from Phx to see you!” Let it go without saying, fans are in love with The Avett Brothers.

With an opening violin solo from Tania Elizabeth, the band played their hit song, “Die Die Die.” As the audience screamed lyrics back to the stage, a smile appeared beneath Scott Avett’s beard. 

Photo credit:  @MichaelWebb

Photo credit: @MichaelWebb

The basketball arena felt like a freshly built log cabin as the country folk band performed more favorites like, “Live and Die,” “Morning Song,” and “Kick Drum Heart.” They even stepped foot in unfamiliar territory when brother, Seth, picked up an electric guitar and played. 

With a great audience and wonderful performance, the Avett Brothers brought life to music Thursday night, and captured emotions that truly can’t be put into words. With their harmonic range and poetic lyrics, the brothers wooed the crowd, in turn teaching us how to love, how to grieve, and how to have a good time as well. 

- @StonePannell

Photo credit:  @MichaelWebb

Photo credit: @MichaelWebb

Die Die Die
Down With the Shine
Live & Die
Laundry Room
Killed Sally’s Lover
Paranoia in B Flat Major
Morning Song
Prettiest Thing (Cover – David Childers)
Will You Return
Rested & Ready
Go to Sleep
Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
Kick Drum Heart
Murder in the City
I Wish I Was
In The Garden (Gospel Cover)
Ballad of Love and Hate
The New Love Song
Winter in my Heart
Slight Figure of Speech
Hand-Me Down Tune
Country Blues
I and Love and You