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Album Review - A Great Big World "When the Morning Comes"


Album Review - A Great Big World "When the Morning Comes"

Nathan Armstrong

A Great Big World is back for their sophomore year with new album, When the Morning Comes and I had a chance to give it a listen to see what is was all about.

First off, if all you know from the grammy-winning duo is hit song Say Something, be ready for a much different sound. The album starts with two upbeat sing-a-longs in All I Want Is Love and Kaleidoscope. I thought these were perfect to start an album with, seeing as they are both very catchy and easy to learn. This way the listener can already identify with the album and almost catch the rhythm along with the band.

Many other tracks stick out to me as well, like Oasis and Won’t Stop Running. It seems like each song is full of feel-good emotion while lighting a fire inside me! Like a burning desire to go out and accomplish anything I put my mind to. A Great Big World even shows their versatility with the song Where Does the Time Go featuring a ton of guitar and traditional drums all while sticking to their technical pop sound. Where Does the Time Go is my favorite track on the album by far.

When the Morning Comes is an exceptional album and the sad thing is most people aren’t going to be able to get a hold of this unless they look for it. So I encourage you to go out and buy this thing! Or at least check out the songs via Apple Music or Spotify. Because trust me, these are the songs you want playing in your car driving in the middle of the night. A Great Big World ignored the sophomore slump and delivered an album that somehow topped their debut. Great band. Great music. Check it out. 

- @StonePannell