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AMAs Blog: 1st Time Red Carpet Attendee Lauren McFadden


AMAs Blog: 1st Time Red Carpet Attendee Lauren McFadden

Nathan Armstrong

Our reporter Lauren McFadden took on the American Music Award's red carpet as a first time awards show attendee.

Ok, let’s talk about the red carpet. So, by far I think it’s fair to say that it was one of the most chaotic things I’ve ever been a part of. I woke up Sunday morning super nervous because seriously, how do you prepare for an event like this when it’s your first time? I prepared by tackling the hotel coffee bar and listening to lots of 80’s music. It worked, by the way- in case anyone is looking for a new pump up routine. 80’s music and coffee forever.

ANYWAYS, on to the actual carpet:  All journalists and photographers had to be set up and ready to go by 2:30 PM and the carpet opened for the artists at 3:30 PM, so we got there pretty early witha lot of the other journalists. If you picture a square, that’s kind of how the carpet was set up. The first section was set up for the photographers- right when the artists came onto the carpet they were directed to that photo section, where most of the photographers proceeded to absolutely scream the artists name to get them to look their direction (seriously, just one thousand percent chaotic). Of course it only gets louder when big names like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and One Direction show up.

The next section of the red carpet square is set up for TV interviews- think E News. This was by far the busiest section with people coming on and off the platforms for interviews. Most of the larger names stuck with these interviews and exited the red carpet before the last two sections of the carpet. Now, this section was not meant for anyone in print/online journalism (aka, us here at 901 Music) but I ended up hanging out in this section- more on that later!

The third part of the red carpet was set up for performances by various artists like Alessia Cara and Shawn Mendes (who KILLED IT, by the way), and that made its way to the fourth part of the carpet where all print journalists (including us) were set up. This section was pretty tight and had all of us journalists squished together and bonding in no time. That being said- most of the big artists did TV interviews only and I got a little curious so naturally I left my place and went to the TV interview section just to see what was popping over there.

Since it was absolutely wild I mostly just observed everyone coming in, doing their interviews and then leaving- but I did have one wild moment. Everyone naturally freaked out about when One Direction showed up and a woman came up to me and asked if I knew what a certain member of the band was wearing. I told her my guess (which was a TOTAL guess) and when I turned out to be right, she looked at me with huge, surprised eyes and asked me how I knew. Since I didn’t have an answer for her (I literally guessed.) I decided to *wink* instead of answering. It was a poor decision since that convinced quite a few people that I knew ~things~ and people proceeded to ask me tons of questions rapid fire. I put it all to rest when I finally stopped everyone and told them that I truly don’t know anything special.

So, in short- what I learned at the red carpet: Do not wink at people instead of answering their question- it will make them think you’re full of secrets. Or you know- do wink and just mess with people. It’s up to you.

- @LaurenRuth12