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Interview: Jordin Sparks


Interview: Jordin Sparks

Nathan Armstrong

Jordin Sparks, an American singer, songwriter, and actress, has been in the music scene for about eight years now. Sparks won American Idol in 2007 and saw immediate success with hit songs such as “No Air,” “Battlefield,” and “Tattoo.” This past Friday night, Sparks was available to talk with 901 Music's Stone Pannell after her show at the Delta Fair and Music Festival.

S:  So nice to meet you, you did a great job tonight, took us way back!

J: Yes, so good to be here! I was so happy that everyone showed up and that the crowd was so awesome! 

S: They loved you out there. So this is not your first time in Memphis, you’ve been here before, how have you liked Memphis since being here.

J: Goodness, I have lost count with how many times I’ve actually been to Memphis! The people are always awesome and so nice, like last night I had to go pick up some things from the grocery store and everyone was so nice! People were so willing to help me which is so much different from people in California and New York where they almost just shut you down.

S: A little different being down south, huh?

J: Yeah! Everybody is very friendly and open, and even tonight being on stage with everybody. Seeing people get out of their seats and standing! It’s just really cool to see everyone have such a great time, I love it here.

J:I’ve been to Memphis a few times, you know the great musical history, so it’s just great to be here and be involved with everything that Memphis brings musically. Also, I HAVE to shout out my mom’s best friend Tonya, she’s obsessed with Elvis and everything Memphis so I just have to mention her.

S: That’s great, shout out to Tonya! 

S: So like you said, with all the great musical history that is Memphis, would you say there is something or someone in particular you have drawn inspiration from? You mentioned Elvis and I’m sure you know of B.B. King.

J: Ah yes, B.B. King! My heart! So sad! 

S: Yeah, we definitely miss him down here!

J: Gosh, at least he was able to do what he loved until he finally passed. But yeah, I mean I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have drawn inspiration from just one person in Memphis, but I can say that just by being here I’ve kind of felt the inspiration from other people you know? I like to think that I’ve drawn inspiration from everywhere I’ve been, you know? Being from Arizona and living in California and even having such a big family like I do, we have people all across the country! So I think that pretty much everywhere I’ve been I have drawn some kind of inspiration from that area, with how the particular place kind of made me feel. 

J: But Memphis in particular has a special place for me, like I said with Tonya and my mom, just a special place in my heart.

S: Awesome! Well thank you so much! Great job tonight, so good to see you perform!

J: Thanks! You too, good luck with everything!