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Ed Sheeran Nashville 2015 Recap


Ed Sheeran Nashville 2015 Recap

Nathan Armstrong

Ed Sheeran brought Jamie Lawson and Christian Perri to Nashville's Bridgestone Arena Sunday night to bring Music City songs from his sophomore album, "Multiply.

Jamie Lawson

Photo Credit:  @TimGSimpson

Photo Credit: @TimGSimpson

Jamie Lawson jumped on stage promptly at 7:30 and played 5 songs for the arena as it filled up. We did an interview with Jamie a couple weeks ago, so if you read it, you'll know that he is the first signee to Ed Sheeran's record label, Gingerbread Man Records. Jamie's debut album will be released in early October, but you can check out two of the tracks from it now on Apple Music. I really enjoyed his simple, acoustic set and can't wait to hear more from him.

Christina Perri

Photo Credit:  @TimGSimpson

Photo Credit: @TimGSimpson

Christina Perri has an incredible catalog of radio hits. I talk about radio hits all the time, but they are so important. People come to shows to hear the songs they hear on the radio. Unless you are a huge artist, people come for the songs, not necessarily for the artist. Christina knows this, and she capitalizes. She sang hit after hit, telling the story behind each one of the radio anthems she performed. This allowed the crowd to get very engrossed in her performance and be eager to know more about her. She gave a special shout to the songwriters in the arena, as Nashville is a huge music town. She encouraged the writers to never stop believing they can make it in the career they want. Perry left the stage after finishing her set with her biggest records to date, "Human", "Jar of Hearts", and "A Thousand Years".

Ed Sheeran

There are certain artists on the scene, in the industry that you know have a natural gift for their craft. Some people, it just comes natural. Ed Sheeran is the definition of this. Sheeran came out on stage Sunday night with his acoustic guitar wearing cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and converse. He jammed through his first three songs with ease, using the loop pedal to conduct a one-man band. 

Ed got the best reaction from upbeat songs from his album, "Multiply". He rapped through his track "Take It Back", then created a mashup bringing in Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and Grover Washington Jr.'s "Ain't No Sunshine". Sheeran did a second mashup with his incredibly popular "Don't" as he brought in Chris Brown's "Loyal" and Blackstreet's "No Diggity". Christina Perri came back out onstage to perform her duet with Ed, "Be My Forever". This was another highlight of the night in my book. I love it when the main act brings the opener back out onstage. I think it's something the crowd always enjoys. Ed finished with his smash hit "A Team", but came back out for an encore and closed the show with "Sing" from his sophomore album.


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