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Alessia Cara Nashville 2016


Alessia Cara Nashville 2016

Timothy Simpson

Whew. Guys, it’s been a while.  HI.

Let’s talk about Alessia Cara! First things first: her lovely openers: Leaf, Craig Stickland, and Kevin Garrett. Each of them were fantastic. Leaf started the night out and Craig Stickland followed her with his dreamy acoustic tunes. He did a crowd favorite cover of Adele’s “Hello” which cued an emotional moment between my friends. Kevin Garrett was next and he could quite possibly be a new favorite of mine. His voice is like caramel and not to be too dramatic but I can’t tell if I want to have a good cry when I listen to it, or just have him serenade me 24/7 forever and ever.

So, Alessia Cara: she’s is one of those artists who can sing something and make it look effortless. Last night we got to see her perform at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville and it was absolutely amazing.  Just as a side note - The Cannery was the perfect venue to see her in my opinion. The crowd was super energetic and the environment was perfect for her songs. She started her set with my favorite song of hers, “I’m Yours”, so naturally I was sold from the first note.     

We know Cara from her hit “Here” that put her on repeat on our radios (and in our hearts) which vocalizes that feeling that all of us have had at some time or another. You know the one: that feeling where you’re at a party and it’s great and all but honestly you’d rather be anywhere else.  That song is fantastic but I’m here to tell you that if that’s the only song of hers you’re listening to, you’re absolutely missing out and you need to get your butt in gear and go listen to her whole album (please). Among the songs she sang last night- including some of my favorites: “Wild Things” “Seventeen” and “Stone” – she also sang “Scars To Your Beautiful” and took a moment to speak to the girls in the room and encourage them to be empowered and confident in being exactly who you are. Cara exudes positivity and her talent is only heightened by her ability to take her own advice and be comfortable and confident in being exactly who she is.

** I’d like to make a special shout out to the dude in the front row with the glasses who sang every word and danced along during all of Alessia’s set. Whoever you were, you were an absolute joy to watch and I loved your enthusiasm.

- Lauren McFadden

Photo credits: @TimGSimpson for @901Music