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Rachel Platten Nashville 2016


Rachel Platten Nashville 2016

Nathan Armstrong

Happy Wednesday, people!

So last night we got to see Rachel Platten, along with Eric Hutchinson and Christina Grimme at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville. Christina Grimme started out the night strong- memorably covering Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”. Grimme was a contestant on The Voice and got her start on YouTube- her vocals are absolutely beautiful and if you’ve not heard of her before now you should definitely look her up.

Eric Hutchinson played second, and let me stop for a moment and tell you a little story. Ages ago when I was in high school I saw Eric Hutchinson open for Jack’s Mannequin and is was fantastic. I’m pretty sure I saw that show for my birthday? Anyways- back to the present time- I was STOKED to see that Eric Hutchinson would be playing. My thoughts during his set were A: He’s found the fountain of youth (seriously he looks exactly the same as he did last time I saw him- Eric please tell me your secret. Were you born with it? Is it Maybelline?) and B:he still puts on an incredible show. The crowd was absolutely drawn in throughout his whole set and I know that I, for one, will probably be humming his songs for the next week because they’re all stuck in my head like they’re on a loop.

Rachel Platten and she absolutely killed it. Not sure if you are familiar with her music- she has a song called “Fight Song” but you probably haven’t heard it. Just kidding that song is EVERYWHERE- I hear it so much that I’m around 87 percent sure that someone is following me, hiding with a boom box playing it over and over. All kidding aside about how much her song is played though- there’s a good reason that “Fight Song” has become as big as it is. It’s a positive anthem that pretty much anyone can get behind and relate to. Her music has a consistent tone of positivity and that’s how she performs on stage as well. She’s a joy to watch and you can’t help feeling a little sunnier after seeing her sing. I think my favorite thing about her performance was the fact that there was a person placed on the left side of stage translating everything into sign language for anyone who needs it. This was actually true for all the artists last night, and I think there is something really amazing about their dedication to sharing music, and giving a beautiful experience to everyone – regardless of whether or not they experience music in the conventional way that we might expect. 

-Lauren McFadden

Photo Credit: Kayla Anderson