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Sam Mooney + Alexis Grace + Scottie Spiegelman Memphis 2016


Sam Mooney + Alexis Grace + Scottie Spiegelman Memphis 2016

Nathan Armstrong

Photo from 901 Music's coverage of Scottie & Robby's show in February 2016. Photo credit: Nathan Armstrong

Confession: I had never actually seen any of these artists live before Friday. So being the natural realist/borderline-pessimist that I am, I went to the show bearing low expectations. My verdict? In short, I was proven wrong.

Alexis Grace kicked off the night. She has quite a fire in her voice. It is incredible to hear such a huge sound emerging from such a tiny person. Her songwriting has a deep relatability to it; even though she has very specific personal inspirations and meanings behind her lyrics, one could easily put themselves in her shoes through the way she crafts her words. Her control and comfortable stage presence lends to the fact that she is so seasoned in the art of performing. She is a true treasure to the Memphis music scene.

Scottie Spiegelman took the stage next. This girl is something else entirely. It blows my mind that someone so young could embody the soul and lyrical wisdom of someone three times her age. She opened with a few covers, including a mashup of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” and Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” which was beautifully intertwined and made me an instant fan. She is an expert at using other artists’ songs to project her own unique sound. And her original songs don’t miss the mark by any means either; she writes in a befitting pop-esque style that showcases her sultry tone and mature vocal abilities. Scottie is definitely the one to watch over the next few years in Memphis music.

Closing out the evening was Sam Mooney, hailing from Oxford, Mississippi. He and his band are just so enjoyable to watch. They have fun on stage, so the audience has a great time simply by being a part of the experience. Mooney’s music feels familiar yet unique. His sound is slightly reminiscent of an early Maroon 5 mixed with something else that you just can’t quite put your finger on. Fresh off of an EP release, and with an obviously strong fan-base in Memphis, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to see this stellar artist play such a wonderful show.

All three of these musicians are incredible in their own unique ways, embodying talent and passion so evidently—even through a brief first experience. I can easily say this is not the last time I will see these artists perform.

- Sarah Grisham