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Beale Street Music Festival 2016 Day 2


Beale Street Music Festival 2016 Day 2

Nathan Armstrong

DAY 2: After working all day I finally made my way downtown around 6:30 and realized that I had two hours until the first scheduled set started. So, me being me, I decided to walk around tent to tent and enjoy all that the festival had to offer. I snagged a free Rockstar energy, a Choose901 sticker for my shirt, and even found myself playing NBA2k inside the PlayStation trailer. Side note: that is the best idea for something like this, a trailer where people can just go play video games until their next band is up. So, kudos PlayStation, you get the award for best trailer. (Beat out the Skoal trailer by a longshot)

Finally, the time was approaching for Bare Naked Ladies to start their set, so I trekked my way through mud and high water towards the FedEx stage. On my way I caught a sliver of Moon Taxi’s set and from what I could gather, don’t hate me for this, they sounded a lot like Kings of Leon. Just a feel good alt rock band that I would elect to listen to as background music to make my day better. Now, on to BNL. 

It was there that I met an interesting individual named Jack Lane who had drove in from Alabama just to see BNL. I kept talking with Jack and the more we spoke the more he praised Memphis for their hospitality and BSMF for their lineup, which was encouraging to hear because of how many people in the city rag on everything so much. Anyways, back to the music.

BNL for me was short-lived because of Yo Gotti’s approaching set, but what I did hear was enjoyable. For someone that knows nothing past, “One Week,” I was surprised by how many people showed up to listen. They performed a few songs, including a Memphis in May freestyle rap about Gus’ Fried Chicken and you could sense their love for the city. But, like I said, things were cut short in order that I make it for the KOM Yo Gotti. 

I walked up to the Bud Light stage for Yo Gotti’s set and I saw a number of things. One: Yo Gotti dressed in all white as well as a white full face burglar mask. Two: a ton of illegal substances. And to top it all off, a mother brought her eight-year-old son to come watch Yo Gotti at BSMF. Welcome to Memphis… I told myself I would try to sound as un-nerdy as possible when describing this set, but it’s going to be so hard. Gotti played hit after hit, each one in about one and a half minute intervals. There were too many quotes to write down, but my favorite one had to be, “Y’all actin like Gotti just started havin hits….like we new here or somethin’…” then he played his throwback hit “Standing in the Kitchen.” I hadn’t heard that song in YEARS. Easily the most memorable part of all this was when he brought his Mother on stage during his performance of “Momma.” It showed that Mario Mims hasn’t lost his love for the city nor has he forgotten how he’s gotten where he’s at. 

This is where things got hard for me. Modest Mouse was getting ready to perform, but Megan Trainor and Jason Derulo were coming soon after. I had to make a decision, so I weighed my options. Trainor and Derulo are popstars that I hear on the radio all the time, and Modest Mouse was the band that I vividly remember listening to every single day in the car riding along with my older sister as she dropped me off at school. Can you guess which show I stayed at? 

I couldn’t resist! Sure the other two may be bigger currently, but there was sentimental value in Modest Mouse for me! And I knew that I had chosen right as soon as they opened up “Fire it Up!” From the beginning they had the quirky, upbeat indie rock sound that helped mold my music taste at such a young age. I experienced my first tears of the festival when they played “World at Large.” I was hoping it would rain so I could blame the weather. 

Modest Mouse displayed the kind of musical talent that keeps you going in this business. Switching instruments between every set, swaying emotions of the crowd from upbeat to down low, they tore it up. I was so upset when I realized the time and had to run over to Jason Derulo before hearing “Float On.” But don’t worry, they played it while I was on my way and all was good in the world. 

Now on to the end of my night. JASOOOOOON DERUUUULOOOOO. I was so glad I showed up when I did, right as he performed “Whatcha Say.” Goodness, every high school dance I ever went to flashed into my mind. Then, when the flashbacks finally stopped, he revived them with “Ridin’ Solo.” I had no idea how much of my adolescent life had been revolved around Jason Derulo songs. And I wasn’t the only one, I could tell other people were feeling this guy’s music too. Even the 50+ year old man standing next to me was bobbing his head back in forth like he had some stuff go on in his past that Derulo helped him work through. I was actually enjoying myself at a Jason Derulo concert but then I realized what time it was and unfortunately, I had to say goodbye. 

BSMF Day 2 was everything Day 1 was and more, you can refer to my Twitter for a simpler explanation. I’m feeling anxious just thinking about tomorrow, but right now I need to focus on sleeeeeeeep. 

P.S. Seriously stop by that PS4 trailer. SO COOL

- @StonePannell