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5 Seconds of Summer Nashville 2016


5 Seconds of Summer Nashville 2016

Nathan Armstrong

Photo credits: @TimSimpson

Confession time: boy bands are my favorite. With as many artists as we get the chance to see perform, one might think that seeing a bunch of capri wearing, scooter riding, accent bearing foreign guys run around a stage for a couple of hours would probably be, well, less than thrilling. But…who am I kidding, that sounds just as awesome as it was. This type of show is truly one of my favorites, and 5 Seconds of Summer put on a great one on July 23 in Nashville, leaving probably a good 94% of their audience voiceless by the encore (apparently 120 straight minutes of screaming will leave you a bit hoarse, hmm).

5 Seconds of Summer held their first Nashville headline show at the Bridgestone Arena to a packed out crowd on one of the hottest nights of the summer (appropriate). Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin weren’t strangers to the Nashville stage as they opened for One Direction at the Nissan Stadium in 2014. But now they had the big stage and the whole crowd to themselves, and they made a darn good night of it.

The Australian boy band has a unique sound that blends punk, pop, rock, and indie together into a long list of feel good hits. I heard what sounded like inspirations from Panic! At The Disco, Blink 182, and The 1975 throughout the show, and although every song had that 5SOS touch, the array of flavors in their music is very impressive.

5SOS opened the show with “Hey Everybody!”, the second single from their latest album “Sounds Good Feels Good”. This one is especially cool to hear the band perform, as it has similar sounds to Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf”, which was credited in the making of the single and sounds great on a new age. The set list was compiled of songs from their latest album as well as hits from their first and hugely successful self titled album “5 Seconds of Summer”. They also performed “Girls Talk Boys”, a new hit that was recorded for the 2016 film “Ghostbusters”, definitely my favorite of the night. The music was accompanied by plenty of conversation from the stage, as well as an impromptu ceremony during which Michael dubbed Calum into knighthood using Hood’s new bass guitar, which he appropriately named “Nashville”.

About mid-show, the stage was abandoned by all the boys except for Michael, who stood alone under a spotlight and pretty well stared right into the crowd’s eyes. For the length of two songs at least, he looked past the lights in every direction and took in the mass of people. At one point he even took out his ear piece, closed his eyes, and smiled like he was standing in a storm of screams and soaking up every sweet minute of it. My eardrums might argue this fact, but it was a pretty awesome moment. Whether he was truly absorbing the love from the fans or just having a grand old time controlling a crowd of 20,000 screaming girls, I could not decide. Either way though, he enjoyed his personal time with the crowd and the rest of the boys joined him again for a very anticipated and especially awesome performance of “Jet Black Heart”.

After they performed their final song, drummer Ashton Irwin rolled back onto stage on a scooter, riding up and down the ramps of the set. It didn’t take long before a drum solo was filling the arena and the rest of the band was running back for the encore. They closed the show with “She Looks So Perfect”, the most awaited song of the night.

It was good to see the guys rocking the big stage and living out their own dream of a world tour. They put on an awesome show, and added plenty more reasons to my list of why boy bands are just the BEST. Way to go, 5SOS, what a show, what a tour!

- @Emilee