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Paul McCartney St. Louis 2016


Paul McCartney St. Louis 2016

Nathan Armstrong


Photo credits: @NathanArmstrong

While awaiting Paul McCartney’s St. Louis concert, the Busch stadium filled to the brim with over 50,000 excited people. Was Paul going to have an opener? What song was he going to open with? How many songs was he going to sing? These were just a few questions that were probably racing through people’s heads. The sky was overcast, but thankfully, the rain held out for the concert. After about an hour of waiting for the rock legend to emerge, the time finally arrived. Sir Paul McCartney, British representative and music idol, walked onto the stage.
The last time Paul played in St. Louis was in 2002. It was good to see him back in Cardinals Nation. Starting the show out with a fan favorite from the 1964 album, Paul began “A Hard Day’s Night” and a great cheer erupted from the audience. Another memorable title from the show was “Let Me Roll It”, a song originating from Paul McCartney’s former band “The Wings”. At the end of the song, Sir Paul and his band added the outro from Jimmy Hendrix’s song “Foxy Lady”(1967) as a tribute to the late, great, Mr. Hendrix. A few other songs he performed were “Maybe I’m Amazed”(1970), “In Spite of All the Danger”(1995), “The Quarrymen”, “Blackbird”(1968), “FourFiveSeconds”(2015) (a collaboration with Rihanna and Kanye West), “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La Da”(1968), “Back In The USSR” (1968), “Let It Be”(1969), and “Hey Jude”(1968). 

After performing his last song, he said, “My friend here says you’d like to keep rocking.” After hearing a confirming applaud from the crowd, he shrugged and said, “Okay.” He began his encore with the greatly awaited song “Yesterday”(1965), and continued with “Birthday”(1968), “Golden Slumbers” (1969), and finally, appropriately concluded the concert with “The End”(1969). The show’s finale was filled with applause and cheering as fireworks shot off into the sky.

I consider it a privilege to be able to have attended the concert of one of the world’s greatest musicians. Thank you Sir Paul McCartney for continuing to astonish people with your music at every single one of your concerts.

- Matthew Armstrong