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Maroon 5 Memphis 2016


Maroon 5 Memphis 2016

Nathan Armstrong

Memphis received a smoke show last night. That’s right ladies and gentleman, Maroon 5. 

So here we are enjoying our girl Tove Lo, when the lights go black. Then a familiar tune of “Whistle While You Work” from Disney’s Snow White starts playing, and everyone is thoroughly confused. What does this have to do with Adam Levine and the rest of his impossibly cool crew?

Suddenly, we hear the familiar whistle from the band’s 2010 single “Moves Like Jagger”. Ah Adam, you sly dog. And from that point on, the band kept us hooked all night with their electric pop-rock sound.

Photo credit:  @NathanArmstrong

Photo credit: @NathanArmstrong

Maroon 5 has been gracing us with their presence since the early 2000’s, yet has managed to keep us hooked on them over a decade later with their catchy guitar licks, melodious whistle tones, pounding drums and that famous Adam Levine howl. That’s right, he howled and howled and howled all night. If that wasn’t enough, he had us swooning as he sailed through those recognizable runs in high-def tenor perfection. 

A near capacity crowd at the FedEx Forum was dancing and having a blast. The band kept the mood in an 80’s funk pretty much the entire show, Adam continually teasing us by barely coming down the runway and then making his way back up to the main stage. Then he breaks out ‘Daylight’ from their 2012 Overexposed album. Lights were flashing, girls were screaming, and Adam was inevitably howling. The lights go black again. And alas, I introduce you to my new favorite word.


Photo credit:  @NathanArmstrong

Photo credit: @NathanArmstrong

The band comes back out, but this time, sitting at the edge of the runway. Adam and his guitar player, James Valentine, jokingly plop down on stage as Adam introduces a new single which has not yet been released. Then, Adam did what no man dared to do. He asked everyone to put away their  cellphones. WHAT?  He wanted to create an environment where everyone could just be in the moment and enjoy what was actually in front of them. “Why are you here if you're gonna have a giant iPad in front of your face? Like go home and live stream it if you're gonna do that.”

Photo credit:  @NathanArmstrong

Photo credit: @NathanArmstrong

The band kept it light-hearted and happy the rest of the night as they played an oldie but goodie, “She Will Be Loved”, from their album Songs About Jane. They had us feeling those 2002 vibes for quite a while. As the night came to an end, the band closed out the show with “Let’s Go Crazy” in tribute to the late, great Prince. 

All in all it was a wild night for Memphis. Guys left looking for a map that leads to the nearest Macy’s (seriously though) to buy Adam Levine’s cologne, and girls left wondering who is Jane and why are there so many songs about her? Maroon 5, the 901 loves you too much. What a smashing night.

- @MDruelinger