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JOHNNYSWIM Memphis 2017


JOHNNYSWIM Memphis 2017

Nathan Armstrong

MEMPHIS, TN — Last week, JOHNNYSWIM brought the final night of their tour to the home of the blues. Based out of Los Angeles, the folk-rock duo said that they knew Memphis would be the most fun night of the tour. So, let it be known, people love coming to Memphis. Round of applause, Memphians. 

03312017-Johnny Swim-22.jpg

The theme of the night was togetherness. Abner Ramirez addressed the crowd, “No matter how you vote, what you believe or who you are, we are all one tonight.” Instead of Minglewood Hall we were all in their living room, listening to JOHNNYSWIM sing their lives to us. 

03312017-Johnny Swim-13.jpg

The most notable part of the night was not the two talking about how much they loved each other. Nor was it when they walked into the crowd and performed with the audience. What was special about this night was their performance of “Diamonds.” What was significant about “Diamonds,” was not Friday night’s performance, but the very first performance of the song. JohnnySwim first sang “Diamonds,” at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to a group of children. The kids, unfortunately, don’t have much hope. Most don’t know what tomorrow holds and are taking each day at a time. However, they don’t let this disadvantage hold them back. These children are fighters, dreamers and pursuers. And the song, “Diamonds,” is about just that. Obviously on a much lower scale, JOHNNYSWIM dealt with these same struggles. They duo was not sure if they would make it in music and had to fight every day. When they played “Diamonds,” in front of these kids (which is described as a “suck it song”) they were nervous about the perception. But Abner said that he had never seen a crowd that was more involved or invested in a JohnnySwim performance. JOHNNYSWIM gave these precious St. Jude children the same hope of a better tomorrow. And that, truly was heart-moving. 

Thank you, JOHNNYSWIM, for writing songs for everyone. And thank you for loving Memphis so much. 


-SP : @StonePannell

Photo Credits: @TimSimpson