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Skillet Memphis 2017


Skillet Memphis 2017

Nathan Armstrong

MEMPHIS, TN -- Ah Skillet, good old Skillet. They've been around since 1996 and have not stopped recording and producing great music. So naturally, when I heard they were in town, performing at New Daisy Theatre, I was psyched. I HAD to go. 

When my co-worker Nathan Armstrong and I arrived at the venue, I was stoked. From the parking lot, we could already hear the drums pounding. As we neared the entrance, I realized that it was actually the opening band called Devour the Day. I thought that it was an interesting choice of a name, but who am I to judge? I mean, the main band's name is Skillet, for goodness sake. In case some of don't know, a skillet is a pan, and the official fanbase for the band is the "panheads". I kid you not.

Devour the Day was full of energy. I mean, Blake Allison could easily beat a group of teen girls screaming who just saw Justin Bieber. In public. Just tune their voices down an octave. After many insane songs and intense drumming, Allison said to the crowd,"If you guys have any energy left, I wanna see it now!" I was enthralled by his enthusiasm during his performance.

The moment had arrived. The atmosphere was electric. There was screaming and talking all about the room.  One of the favorite band members, Jen Ledger walked out onstage to her drum kit, receiving an ecstatic cheer from the crowd. Right after that, the lead vocalist, John Cooper came out and riled up the crowd, saying ,"Who's having a good time so far?!?" The entire audience screamed and cheered. They launched straight into a song from their newest album, Unleashed, called "Feel Invincible." They played fan favorites like "Rise", "Awake and Alive", "Hero" and many others.

The band known as Skillet ended out the venue with an enthusiastic, rousing encore of "The Resistance" from Unleashed, which concluded the show. As the crowd was leaving New Daisy Theatre, I think everyone had a unanimous opinion. That was a fantastic show. My ears are still buzzing.

- Matthew Armstrong

Photo credits: @NathanArmstrong